Empowering Fertility - A Patient’s Story: My Best Friend

A Patient’s Story: My Best Friend

By Paul Bergh, MD

It was the end of a very long day as I called for my last patient to be seen for a follow-up visit regarding an early pregnancy loss.  This patient had been pregnant for only 9 short days before the joy and happiness of her positive results was unexpectedly and cruelly taken from her.  The patient bravely kept her composure as we relived the painful memories of this recent cycle and early loss.  However, when she came to the part about receiving the nurse’s phone call with the bad news she suddenly began sobbing.  To my surprise,  it was not just the loss that had devastated her, but it was the fact that her primary nurse was away that week.

Not understanding, I questioned her, “But the nurse who called you was kind and compassionate, wasn’t she?” “Yes,”  she said, “The nurse who called me couldn’t have been nicer in delivering the bad news.” “Ok,” I said, “So what am I missing?  Why were you so upset your regular nurse was out that week?” The patient looked up at me through her swollen, tear-filled eyes, mascara running down her face, surprised at my lack of comprehension. “But Doctor,” she said, “You don’t understand, my nurse is my best friend.”

“Oh my God,” I thought to myself, “Now I get it!”  I will never forget her words – “My nurse is my best friend.”  These six small words sum up the incredible job our nurses do for our patients. Not only have they helped our patients navigate the ever increasing complexities of assisted reproductive technologies, they smooth off the edges of technology with their humanity reaching through the dust kicked up by all the hard cold facts of treatment to connect with their patients on a very personal, human level.  They are often our patients’ number one support system, keeping them afloat through a  tortuous and often very painful journey.  As this new year comes to a close, I think of how fortunate I am to work with such a talented, bright and compassionate group of nurses who give such a big part of themselves each and every day to our patients.  I have the greatest appreciation and admiration for our nurses –they are truly the heart and soul of our practice –our patients’ best friend.

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