Empowering Fertility - Another Kind of March Madness: RMANJ Attends Donor Egg Conference Despite Nor’Easter

Another Kind of March Madness: RMANJ Attends Donor Egg Conference Despite Nor’Easter

By Catherine Bergh

Late last month, a determined group of RMANJ staff set out to participate in the Donor Egg Conference in Charleston, South Carolina. RMANJ founding partner, Paul Bergh, M.D. and RMANJ Director of Nursing Jessica Medvedich, BSN, RN were scheduled to speak at the conference. The Donor Egg conference is an annual meeting that focuses on the technology of oocyte donation and Third Party reproduction in assisted reproductive technology. Each year a nationally recognized faculty present the needs of reproductive endocrinologists, fellows, residents, laboratory professionals, nurses and mental health professionals in this rapidly expanding segment of in-vitro fertilization. Dr. Bergh and Jessica were joined by an enthusiastic group of team members who were ready to learn and participate.

The RMANJ team, which also included Meghan Pierce, BSN, RN Third Party Nurse Manager and Catherine Bergh, MSN, RN Director of Nursing Education, faced multiple travel obstacles en route to South Carolina, including a Nor’easter that brought 10 to 12 inches of snow to New York and New Jersey. Despite rescheduled flights and late trains, the group never gave up on the trip. Travelling to the conference required a unique brand of positivity and cooperation—the same can-do attitude that the staff at  RMANJ bring to their challenging and exciting work every day.

After the team’s flight was cancelled due to the extreme snow event, they survived an icy ride to the airport for their rescheduled flight the next morning. As stormy skies brewed outside, mechanical and other delays gradually set in. Several hours passed as travelers all around the RMANJ team departed for various destinations (including Charleston, SC). A positive and patient group, the RMANJ team waited until their plane finally left the gate, taking them to Dulles in Washington, DC for a connecting flight. After arriving safely in Dulles, the group experienced on-the-ground delays, causing them to miss their connecting flight. Customer Service agents in Dulles could only rescheduled them for a flight out of Regan International Airport on Saturday night. They would have to miss some of the conference.

Fortunately, conference organizers were able to reschedule the presentations by Jessica Medvedich, BSN, RN and Dr. Paul Bergh for Sunday. That night, Dr. Bergh wondered about the upcoming flight. Which was routed through Atlanta. What if they experienced further delays and had to miss the conference entirely?

At 6 a.m. an alternate plan was proposed and at 10 a.m. the team arrived at Union Station, tickets in hand for an on-time train that mysteriously became a late train once they arrived. Approximately two hours later, the RMANJ team’s “Palmetto” caboose left the station for the 9-hour ride to North Charleston. It was a long trip, but everyone made the best of the journey. At RMANJ, patience, dedication, and focus are integral to getting the best results. Obstacles have never stopped the group at work, and they weren’t about to stop them on their journey.

Nothing felt better than the warm South Carolina air greeting the group upon arrival. Immediately, things began to look up. They departed the station in a luxurious van, thrilled to finally be in the home stretch.

Arriving at the hotel seemed like a dream come true. The team counted their blessings and headed to bed. Unfortunately, they only got 5 hours sleep because of Daylight Savings Time, but the next day, Dr. Bergh and Jessica gave inspired talks.

Dr. Bergh,  spoke about “The Role of Comprehensive Chromosome Screening in Third Party Reproduction.”  In his presentation he outlined how the judicious use of genetic screening of embryos has led to an improved implantation rate and reduced multiple pregnancy rate in patients using donor egg and gestational carriers.  Jessica Medvedich, BSN, RN gave a talk on “Endometrial Insufficiency – A Nursing Perspective”. Jessica outlined the challenges confronting patients with this condition as well as current and future strategies for managing this difficult problem.

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